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Whatever it is you are feeling.

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Love Letter

February 21, 2021 I meant to write myself a love letter on that special day of love where we pour our hearts out to fill up others. I envisioned a poem, fiery and sweet celebrating my delicious curves honoring my tender heart and treasuring my beautiful spirit. But I never put pen to paper neverContinue reading “Love Letter”

Pied Piper Of Destruction

January 17, 2020 The Pied Piper of destruction leading his followers off the precipice of reason of connectedness of humanity. Sheepishly standing off to the side as his devotees tumble in droves over the edge to their watery grave fists raised all the way down. A pat on the back then a shove over theContinue reading “Pied Piper Of Destruction”


January 12, 2021 I came across a memory the other day on social media from two years ago when I was mourning the loss of a dear friend. Joyce was this wonderful combination of grandma, friend, fairy godmother and Yoda, with a sharp sense of humor. We had met decades ago when we worked together.Continue reading “Adrift”

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