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Whatever it is you are feeling.

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Keeper Of The Stories

October 23, 2020 How many souls have peered into your depths joyfully, sorrowfully, longingly? So many seeking answers you could never provide. Your humble offering always the same. The greatest gift you could give, their own reflection. The key to all they sought. I seek nothing from you. My only wish is to release youContinue reading “Keeper Of The Stories”

Petals of Me

October 17, 2020 Pieces of me slowly falling away. Petals sprinkling the ground. Each one, a lesson I learned to be proud of. Some petals, limiting fears I escaped the icy grip of. Other petals, lingering doubts I chose to be free of. The old petals of me soon will wilt and fade. Settle intoContinue reading “Petals of Me”


October 7, 2020 Sundays used to be such lovely days. Easy, filled with old records and satisfying home cooked meals. In my most recent relationship, my then partner was gone a lot, especially on weekends. Dating a musician left me craving quality time and wanting desperately to be seen and heard. Even when he wasContinue reading “Swaying”

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