Allow Space For Now.

Whatever it is you are feeling.

Latest from the Blog

The Great Breath

May 31, 2021 Today I breathed in wide open spaces the sky stretching far to meet varying hues of green and blue dancing across an expanse of ocean. Impressionable sand ever shifting yet keeping me stable the sun kissing my shoulders salty waves lapping at my ankles. All leading me back to me. I neverContinue reading “The Great Breath”

Lovely Luna

March 28, 2021 And so I was drawn out into the brilliant midnight to be bathed in delicious moonbeams from the glorious healer herself. I opened my eyes wide so the light could pierce my soul. With outstretched arms and intentions set, I began. I breathed in her healing I exhaled my limitations and fears.Continue reading “Lovely Luna”


March 24, 2021 You should be aware before you step into my realm be clear about your energy the vibration at which you resonate the shadow work you’re undergoing the releasing of what doesn’t serve you to make room for all that does. I don’t ask for the healed only for the healing because weContinue reading “Introduction”

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